Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Burj Dubai Facts and Figures

Listed below are facts and figures relating to Burj Dubai as per Emaar Magazine.
  1. Upon completion, the Burj Dubai will be the world's tallest building as well as the world's tallest man-made structure. (more here on present tallest man-made structure)
  2. The Burj Dubai spire will be visible from as far away as 95 kms.
  3. At 5,500 kg capacity, the firemen/service elevator will be the world's tallest service elevator.
  4. First mega-rise to have elevators with specially programmed, permit-controlled evacuation procedures. (I wonder how they work? Weren't we supposed Not to use evaluators in case of an emergency)
  5. Highest publicly accessible observation tower at 442 meters. ( Go up and watch miles and miles of desert as well as ocean I guess!)
  6. The curtain wall of Burj Dubai will be equivalent to 17 football fields.
  7. The total glass requirement is 142K sq/m
  8. Total concrete used is equivalent to 1900km sidewalk and weighs the equivalent to 100,000 elephants.
  9. There will be 200 meters of "dancing" fountains at the foot of Burj Dubai.
And for the environmentally inclined person:
  1. Power requirement is 36 KVA is equivalent of 36K lights bulbs of 100 watts each operating at the same time.
  2. The cooling requirement is 10K tonnes of melting ice every day.
  3. 15 Million gallons of supplemental water are collected and drained every day
And lastly, 33,236 Men in Blue work at the site on a regular basis.

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